Ranchi: Social media pages and handles claiming to be unofficial sites of at least two prominent schools in the city have hurled abuses, misogynist and body-shaming remarks along with derogatory pictures of the teachers with sexual overtones, drawing sharp criticisms from the teachers when alerted about the sites.
Authorities and teachers of the schools were unaware of the sites but said they will take up action soon when they were alerted about it.
Among the sites is an Instagram page titled, ‘hehalmemes’, having DAV Hehal as its bio and with over 1,500 followers is laced with slurs, abuses, derogatory and misogynist remarks about the seniormost teachers, the principal and the female teachers. The page administrator has also used the pictures of the teachers and the principal.
Another unofficial social media handle going by the name of dps-ranchi-secrets also posts similar content with pictures of the teachers and publicly humiliated them.
DAV Hehal alumnus and yoga instructor Srishti told TOI that the posts on the page baffled her and that she has sent a direct message to the page admin calling them out on their misdemeanour. “I realised that I wasn’t dealing with just one student gone wrong but an individual on the worst possible road. The texts I received were personal, attacking, misogynist and body shaming. It’s disturbing to think that the students of my school have stooped to such levels and chant Jai Shri Ram.”
Senior English teacher at the school, P S Das, said, “Since I am not so technically sound, I had zero ideas about any such page. But it is shameful that someone is saying such things to such senior and simple teachers. We will inquire into the matter tomorrow.” However, a senior history and political science teacher at the same school, Srikant Mahapatra, refused to talk about it and said, “I have no information about any such page.”
Meanwhile, DPS Ranchi spokesperson Ashutosh said the school is not aware of the page. “We will bring the matter to the knowledge of higher authorities and get back with their take on the matter,” he said.

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