RANCHI: After deciding to paint green all government-run schools in the state, the JMM-led mahagathbandhan ruling alliance has decided to include chapters on party patriarch Shibu Soren in the school curriculum, prompting sharp reactions from opposition BJP.
Two days ago, state education minister and JMM leader Jagarnath Mahto during a visit to Bokaro announced the inclusion of Shibu and other Jharkhand movement leaders – Vinod Bihar Mahto and Sunil Mahto – in the curriculum.
Mahto’s announcement came days after JMM said all government-run schools will be painted green, the colour of the tribal party’s flag and election symbol. Notably, after Jharkhand attained statehood, the schools were painted pink.
JMM’s ruling alliance partner, Congress, has welcomed the move but BJP sees red over the decision, saying the chief minister Hemant Soren-led government is politicising the state’s school education system. BJP’s criticism came at a time when the Prime Minister Narendra government of BJP at the Centre is accused of “saffronising” every government entity in the country.
BJP: JMM trying to politicise state’s school education system
Congress party, the JMM’s ally in the ruling coalition, welcomed the move. However, the Opposition BJP is seeing red over these decisions, accusing the tribal party of trying to politicise the state’s ‘school education system’. At the national level, ever since the Modi government was formed in 2014, BJP has been facing a similar charge of ‘saffronising’ the nation.
Justifying the move, Mahto said, “Since the formation of Jharkhand in 2000, no government has ever worked towards educating our students about the statehood movement and the people who had dedicated their lives for the cause. Figures like Disom guru Shibu Soren, Binod babu and Nirmal Mahto have an unparalleled stature and we must teach our future generation about their struggle. From next year, we will include their chapters in the school curriculum and the groundwork for which will begin soon.”
State Congress president Rajesh Thakur welcomed the move and said, “If the government is taking the right strides towards school education, everyone should also support it.”
BJP spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo asked whether the government will also teach students about the “corruption charges” associated with Shibu.
“While we acknowledge that they led the Jharkhand movement against all odds, it is also a reality that during the Narashima Rao government in the mid-90s when there was an opportunity for the creation of separate Jharkhand, guruji (Shibu Soren) is accused of remaining silent after taking money from Congress. Jharkhand became a separate state only during the BJP rule under the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji,” he said.
He added, “Not only this but the first-ever cash-for-vote scandal in Parliament is also associated with Shibu Sorenji. So, will our kids also learn about those acts?”
Notably, the 78-year old senior Soren is currently a Rajya Sabha member since 2020 while the other two icons have died. Soren was born in Nemra village of Ramgarh district. At the age of 18, he formed the Santhal Navyuvak Sangh. In 1972, Bengali Marxist trade union leader A K Roy, Binod Bihari Mahato and Shibu Soren formed the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. Soren is also credited with fighting against the zamindari system and liquor but also had his share of numerous controversies.
On the other hand, Binod Bihari Mahto, who died on December 18, 1991, is noted for his struggle to bring social reforms among the Kudmi Mahato (traditionally farmers) by setting up the Shivaji Samaj and later fanning the Jharkhand movement. Nirmal Mahto was killed at the age of 36 on August 8, 1987.

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