Ranchi: Teachers who are engaged in evaluation of Jharkhand Academic Council’s (JAC) matric and intermediate exam copies have expressed displeasure over slash in payments. This year, JAC has reduced the pay, but increased the number of copies to be checked per day, they claimed.
Ravindra Choudhary, general secretary of Madhyamik Siksha Sangh, said, “The evaluators are required to check 70 copies per day against 35 earlier. The payment per copy has been halved. Previously, the board used to pay Rs 20 for each copy of Class XII, but the amount has been reduced to Rs 10 per copy. Similarly, the remuneration for Class X is reduced from Rs 16 per copy to Rs 8 per copy.”
“Teachers who are engaged in checking do their best to assess copies fairly. But if their pay is halved and work load is increased, they will certainly not be able to do justice,” he added.
The evaluators working from 10 am to 5 pm daily also complained of lack of facilities at the evaluation centre. “The water is kept in a bucket and not even in a pot. The evaluators are drinking hot water in this scorching summer,” said Purvan Ali, an evaluator at a centre.
Manjula Ekka, a teacher at District Plus Two High School in Ranchi, said, “Because inspecting 70 copies every day is a time-consuming task, pay will have an influence on instructors’ mental stress and may be an impediment to give fair grading. The evaluation centres lack the resources required for evaluators to conduct a comprehensive copy check. Teachers lack access to adequate water and power facility, which should be provided at the time of evaluation.”
JAC chairman Dr Anil Kumar Mahto did not comment on the pay cut and increase in copies. He said, “The appraisal process must be completed as quickly as feasible due to the election. Teachers must adhere to the exam copy-checking circular given by the board.”

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