Ranchi: Traders across Jharkhand, who are involved in the business of wholesale and retail trade of food grains, will keep their establishments closed on February 8 to protest against the implementation of the Jharkhand State Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing Bill of 2022.
The 24-hour bandh, which was called by the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) on Monday afternoon, will also be observed by the agricultural market committees across all 24 districts of the state.
Abhishek Kumar Ramadhin, the general secretary of FJCCI, said the day-long bandh will be just the beginning of a long term protest against the state government in a bid to force it to repeal the law.
“Traders and market committee members from across Jharkhand will meet at FJCCI headquarters here on February 8 and chart the future course of the protests,” he added.
The bill, which was passed by the state assembly in 2022, was approved by governor Ramesh Bais last week. With the governor’s approval, the bill will come into effect after its regulations are framed.
The bill, Ramadhin said, will affect the long-term trade of food grains in Jharkhand as farmers will look to sell their produce to other states where there are no taxes and will give rise to corruption.
“The bill proposes to levy 2% tax on the total price of the produce of the farmers. The market committees in effect have been mandated to collect the taxes and spend it for the welfare of farmers and market committees. But because of the extra money being levied, farmers here will be tempted to sell their produce in states like Bihar where there are no such taxes,” Ramadhin claimed.
FJCCI said states such as Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh have recently repealed such tax slabs in order to promote trade.

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