Ranchi: With chances of getting infected with coronavirus having receded to a great extent in the state, beneficiaries are reluctant to take the precautionary dose of Covid-19 vaccine leading to a single-digit coverage. However, medical experts have raised concern over the low vaccination rate among elderly and warned of catastrophic for the vulnerable population if the infection rate goes up.
According to state health department records, a mere 4% of beneficiaries under 60-plus category have taken the precautionary dose. The cumulative figure stands around 9%, leading to a low coverage of administration of precautionary dose among beneficiaries.
Talking to TOI, state immunisation officer Dr Rakesh Dayal said, “We are witnessing a lot of reluctance among beneficiaries towards the precautionary dose of Covid-19 vaccine. As we are supposed to provide doses to 60-plus free of cost, our focus is to improve the numbers in that category.”
Asked about the reasons behind the low coverage, Dr Dayal said: “People have started thinking that Covid-19 is over and it is not going to return. So, the first and foremost is the low infection scare. Apart from that as the vaccination is voluntary, we, too, cannot ask beneficiaries to take it until they want to. However, I would like to request beneficiaries to come forward and take the jab.”
According to figures available with state health department, a total of 1,40,269 out of 32,50,000 targeted beneficiaries have only taken the jab which constitutes around 4% of total beneficiaries.
In healthcare workers category, the coverage stands at 39% as 80,727 out of 2,09,658 have taken the third jab. In frontline workers category the coverage in Jharkhand stands at 29% as 1,05,393 out of 3,68,691 beneficiaries have taken the third jab.
Meanwhile, the infection rate is minimal as Jharkhand has a total of 26 active Covid-19 cases as of Thursday morning. The seven days’ growth rate stands at 0.001. The recovery rate is 98.77% which is better than the national average.
“The third dose has been advised keeping in mind the mutations within Sars Cov-2. And people in the vulnerable category should definitely take the jab as it might help them keep hospitalisation at bay,” said Devesh Kumar, public health expert and a professor of community medicine at Rims.

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