Ranchi: A group of four Class VI students of St Xavier’s School, Ranchi, developed a smart helmet with a sensor to detect drunk driving and engine lock if the rider doesn’t put on the helmet before driving.
The students — Aviraj Singh, Parth Girdhar, Vatsal Sarawgi and Arav Poddar — displayed a prototype of the innovative helmet at their school science exhibition held on November 13. It immediately grabbed the attention of social media.
Aviraj Singh said, “The helmet has an alarm system that alerts the rider by flashing a red light and after a certain amount of time, the helmet will flash a blue light and the motorcycle will stop if it is not worn by the rider.”
His colleague, Parth Girdhar, said, “The components include an open-source microcontroller board, an alcohol sensor, a piezo buzzer for the alarm, an infrared sensor and a transmitter. These components have been used to generate an alarm when the bike is in motion and to control the engine automatically. Though finding the components and installing them to a standard helmet was difficult, we were able to complete it with the help of our parents.”
The group has also conducted research for the prototype, which cost Rs 6,000 to make and the students contributed equally.
Vatsal Sarawgi said, “Many components and wires are currently attached externally, but in the future, as research and technology advance, these wires and components will become smaller and be concealed within the helmet. Additionally, we can add advanced features such as controlling the speed. We are working on the speed control and a speed monitor will be attached to it.
Arav Poddar added, “The alcohol sensor can determine how intoxicated a person is based on his or her breath.”

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