Bokaro: Bokaro township is sitting on a pile of garbage since May 19 as the safai mitras (cleaners and sweepers) are on a stir demanding clearance of pending dues from the PSU.
The unattended garbage has also increased the risk of disease outbreak in the city making residents worried about their health.
Roughly, more than 500 tonnes of garbage have piled up across the township. General secretary of Jai Jharkhand Majdur Samaj, B K Chowdhary said, “Workers are demanding from BSL their full dues, including one month and 19 days salary, as well as earned leaves and bonus for the year. Then only they will return to work.”
The cleaning and maintenance work in the township is done by the Public Health of the Town and Administration department of BSL. About 60 to 70 tonnes of garbage is generated daily from the township. There are about 260 safai mitras engaged in garbage collection work across the township.
BSL spokesperson, Manikant Dhan said, “The management is trying to resolve the situation and garbage collection will resume soon. Few workers have returned to work from Thursday.”
BSL used to hire agencies for the cleaning work in the township. The contract of Bhardawaj Facility which was earlier allotted the work for three years ended in February, 2023. BSL again gave an extension to the same company which expired on May 19. Chowdhary said, “The BSL management is responsible for this situation. When they knew that the tender would end in February, they should have started the tender process ahead.”

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